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Mensahe sa Tribong Pula

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Mensahe sa Tribong Pula Empty Mensahe sa Tribong Pula

Post by karlstar Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:42 pm

hello tribe..

Thank you for all your efforts and time to keep the RED TRIBE alive=)
Allow me to express my point of view on how we will maintain the BOND na nabuild na natin all through out the season:

I strongly believed that more than an organization, we are a TEAM.. And we all know, there is no "I" in the word TEAM. May that phrase may inspire us to work together to achieve our common goal...

1) Website Maintenance: I, myself has no expert knowledge para makatulong in technical aspect..but marami naman sa atin, na may background sa IT na pwedeng makahelp kay Robert as Admin. I know meron ding mga alumni na pwedeng maging consultant. Let's do our part--maliit man or malaking help it can make a big difference. Sa site lahat magsimula, and i must say maraming nabuong friendship, lets take care of our site.

2) Management System: Icemint's leadership was indeed democratic.. most of the time, he relies on what the majority agreed on. But we also have to understand that there is such thing as LEADER. We are free to air our sides, suggestions and advice but not all ideas might be suitable for a specific cause--case to case basis kasi yan. Let's be guided para walang chaos. Be "OPEN" and do respect the experience of the pioneers of the tribe--mas may alam sila kesa satin but we can CONTRIBUTE in our own little way... After all, isa lang naman ang gusto natin.. maka-inspire ng maraming tao na MAHALIN at IPAGMALAKI ANG UE...dont be discouraged if hindi man nasunod ang preference natin because they just wanted to take care of the MISSION of our group. Together we will learn.

3) Communication: It is undeniable that the site plays a very significant role in building friendship with the members. Two Thumbs up to all the people behind. Added to that, may ym at text na rin. Lets keep communicating though the season ends. Well, I guess, most of us naman hindi lang UAAP alone ang reason kaya naging close..right? May mga off season leagues pa at PBL para makapagbonding, can we count on you din?

4) Newbies: Let's not just limit our network sa mga present na kakilala natin... wag tayo mag-rely sa first impression natin, baka kasi mali tayo..i-try natin makipagbond sa group and who knows? you might enjoy the company of the Tribe. The hardest part kasi is ung magapproach sa group lalo na kung newbie ka, but after that okay na. Lahat naman ata dumaan dun.

5) Initiative: As simple as, don't be just good in paper..many people can say they love UE, but not all of them can DO something for UE.. Add face to your name. Rule of the thumb.

6) Atmosphere: I know all of you will agree that we need to have a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE (marami na kasing not-so-good experience na ang UE..) I hope you don't mind guys if i say that there are things we can openly express publicly, but there are also things we have to keep to ourselves na lang. Anyway, whatever we say or do, it will reflect on us din naman. Let us not give UE a bad name..masyado na tayong api at nilalait.. pero kahit anuman sabihin ng iba sna ung support nandun pa din. Wag tayo mapagod at magsawa agad (look at ADU and NU supporters diba mas matagal na ang drought nila? ) wag tayo maintimidate or mainggit sa iba..(Definitely mas maraming achievements ang ADMU, UP, UST, dapat lang more than100 years na school nila,, bata pa ang UE compare sa mga institution na yan pero di naman tayo papahuli..) One more thing, i do understand ung individual difference na hindi naman lahat is feeling the same way we do, pero sakin lang... respect, gratitude at pride naman! Let us give back something to the institution that we owe a lot of things--the good and the bad experiences are all part of learning.

And let’s start here sa site, THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE ANYTHING. Our site is like our home, DON’T START FIRE HERE. And before you say something, THINK AGAIN, WHAT’S YOUR REASON WHY YOU ARE HERE.


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Mensahe sa Tribong Pula Empty Re: Mensahe sa Tribong Pula

Post by xJAWENCHx Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:32 am


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Mensahe sa Tribong Pula Empty Re: Mensahe sa Tribong Pula

Post by icemint Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:33 pm

ano comment mo jawench?

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Mensahe sa Tribong Pula Empty Re: Mensahe sa Tribong Pula

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