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Post by icemint on Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:05 pm

(For All players) 5/7 Rule :

Player is eligible to play within 7 years after High School graduation
A maximum of only 5 playing years is allowed per player.
Red Shirting due to injuries or other reasons is not allowed.
Must be 25 years old maximum at the time of the tournament

Jerry Pingoy Rule:

If a player graduated High School from a UAAP member school and then transfers to another UAAP member school for college
must do 2 year residency, if former school contests the transfer.
if not contested, player needs to do only a year of residency.

If from non-UAAP member High School
no residency requirement. can play for the school only for a maximum of 5 school years.

Jai Reyes Rule:

Only college freshmen can win the Rookie of the Year Award.

Ray Parks Rule:

Fil-Foreigner who are fresh graduates from foreign High Schools
must sit out 1 year residency.

If not a fresh graduate from High School (meaning has gone to college at a foreign school)
sit out 2 years of residency.

If Fil-Foreigner finished High School abroad because his parents are OFW's.
They can play on their their first year/fresh man year (no residency required).

Mbala Rule\Lago Rule:

Transferring foreign players from UAAP or Non-UAAP member schools
must do 2 years of residency. Only one foreigner can be fielded in the game at any given time.

Don Allado Rule:

Once a player is drafted in the Pro's, he cannot play in the UAAP anymore.

Gaco Rule:

You cannot play for a UAAP member school when taking your masters if you previously played with another UAAP/Non-UAAP member school during your under graduate course.

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Post by waddaphak on Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:02 am

meron bang kwento sa likod ng mga rules na yan? hahaha


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